I Have No Remorse. Neither should you.

Buyers, that's is. You were worried what might come next weren't you? I have had Absolutely NO buyers remorse that I can recall...ever. I take life as it comes. I never cry too long and I try not to forget anything because I believe life is nothing less than a moving, ever changing learning obstacle [...]

Why I Stopped Blogging

Dun Dun Duuuunnn! Let's talk real. I haven't posted in 4 months. In blogger time, that's like 2yrs. If you've followed my blog (which you probably haven't) you'll see that this is somewhat of a common occurrence. I post regularly(for me) for about 6 months and then disappear. But how come? I love this! I went to school [...]

Hail Up Of The Week: S.Creque Photography

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world." -Bruno Barbey I've always wanted to be a photographer. Never got there obviously, but I admire it. I believe that anyone can learn a skill, but the natural vision that comes with something you are meant to do is what sets you apart [...]

The Year Was 2016…

And what a year it was

And what a year it was

How To Win Your Caribbean Vacay Like A Local

Advice from a local….trust me

Advice from a local....trust me

OOTD: Summer Throwback

I say summer but here in South Carolina, it was very well supposed to be Fall. We just hadn't gotten the memo because 85 degrees and Fall don't quite sound right in the same sentence. Today's OOTD comes from last month. I felt it'd be fun to do one last warm look since today is [...]